So we have already established time and again in our previous blog posts (do check them out) that dating a farmer is quite peculiar – it is absolutely not the same thing with dating a 9 to 5 working partner. For one, you would never hear a farmer say “Oh I can’t wait for the weekend”. There is no such thing as a weekend!

Cows need to be fed each day, crops need checking and pigeons need to be scared off the grain – even on Sunday. Damn you pigeons!!!

But it’s one thing to date a farmer and it’s yet another thing to date a farmer during harvest season. Your jovial companion could get so moody and cranky when you ask the simplest “How was your day?” – it comes with the season.

If you are interested in a farmer, just started dating a farmer, or you have been with one for a few years and you are having a hard time getting through to them during harvest, here are some tips and tricks for surviving harvest while dating a farmer.


Planning Something?

So you have this wedding, or double date – chances are (and by this we mean there’s a 99.9% chance) your farming significant other would not be available. During harvest, only rain or faulty machinery can take a farmer off the farm!

Get in the know.

The words “I don’t know where that is,” would irk your farmer. It’s best if you started early in the year to learn the different fields and how to get there when they need you.

Plus, have you ever taking directions from a multitasking farmer?

You could get lost where you stand!

Just take our advice and learn the different fields and their names before you get into October. You would save yourself some stress. 

Do not talk about their lack of hygiene.

Let’s just put it out there.

Combing their hair daily, spotting a clean shave or wearing clean jeans every day – all this is thrown to the wind when it’s harvest season. And you are better off not saying anything about it!  

Just get used to the fact that they are not here for the beauty pageants.

Do not compare their progress to the neighbors.

Never say stuff like, “I saw Mark finishing another field today” or “Did you know the John’s are already picking corn?”. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot!

Do you like the weather forecast? Your answer is yes – it better be

When the meteorologist forecasts a rainy day, your farmer is racing against the clock. A farmer needs to know exactly where the rain is as well as when it would get to where they are. Watch the forecast!

Don’t ask them when they are coming home.

Harvest season is almost like an unending cycle. Your farmer is working more than they are resting and asking questions like “when are you coming home?” is trapped between funny and annoying.  

And if they do answer the question without an “I don’t know”, plan ahead of their ETA.

Make good food!

Not sloppy or fancy food!

If you are making meals for the farmer in the field during harvest, be sure that you stick to foods that can be eaten on the go. If your farmer is up against the clock, chances are they won’t stop for something as trivial as eating to stay alive – so make food that can be eaten while driving.

Don’t tell? Don’t ask!

A farmer would naturally tell you about everything going on at the farm. But if they decide not to talk about how the crops are looking, don’t bring it up. Our advice is, don’t ask them till they tell you.

The farm comes before you

Your farmer has worked all year long waiting for this period – you won’t be the priority at this time.  The best you can be is patient, flexible and supportive. Plus, the harvest season doesn’t last forever.

If you have any sarcastic comments that insinuate being “neglected”, say it in the middle of November – not during harvest.

Well, there you go!

Hopefully, these tips would help you and your farming significant-other stay as a couple for another year.

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