Dating a farmer is not as glorious as most people fantasize it to be. For some people, dating a farming man means your man is tanned and laden with abs that look like grenades– Imagine the sexual fantasies the ladies (and some men) can conjure up with this bit of information.

But alongside the ripped arms and sweat that looks more sexy than smelly, dating a farmer also comes with its responsibilities – asides from the usual responsibilities that come with dating anyone!

For instance, while you could have lunch dates with your 9 to 5 working man, lunch itself is non-existent when dating a farmer. With farmer dating, making plans in advance is tougher than finder a needle in a haystack – and late nights? Yep! Every. Single. Night.

While farmer dating is not a utopia like so many country songs make it out to be, dating a farmer is absolutely worth pursuing and skipping lunch for – and here are four reasons why!

You would learn to be patient

Hanging around someone who has certain traits and behaviors a lot, could mean you start acting and reacting to situations just like they would – especially when it is someone you love. Dating a farmer means you learn to wait for a calf to drop, get excited watching their crops grow every week.

A farmer’s attention to detail also means he would recognize the little things that make you feel loved and special – and just like they water their plants and feed their livestock, you would be treated with even more love and care.

The fact remains, when you enter into a farmer’s life you learn to be patient and appreciate the “little things” of life.

Every day is a brand new adventure

When you date a farmer, going on dates would happen by chance – planning is no use. Instead, going out on dates would most likely be 4-wheeler rides out on the fields to check the growth of their crops, or even going into town for spare parts at the local supply store.

You never really know how your day would go when you wake up next to your farming partner. While you could have a daily to-do list, chances are, by the end of the day, your list would have been altered completely. The farm life is never consistent (well, things like feeding the animals are) and so, with farmer dating, you must learn to roll with the flow.

Farmer dating ushers you into a community that is very different when looking in from the outside.

Farmers are less likely to play around

Except you are in a relationship for the fun of it without plans to settle with the other person, then the goal of a relationship is to spend the rest of your life with someone you think is amazing – at least for you. While you cannot always be your farming other half’s very first priority (it’s most likely the faulty tractor is), your farmer would be hard-working, persistent, helpful, gentle, protective, loyal, and are usually family people – this means if you are looking for a relationship that doesn’t end in another heartbreak, you have a better chance with farmer dating.

You give up a lot… but you learn a lot!

When you date a farmer, you have to give up a lot there is a lot but this is compensated with the knowledge you would most likely acquire while dating a farmer. You give up lunch, free time, sleep, plans, normal dates, and consistency but if you are willing, you would also gain some extra knowledge – like how to drive a tractor, the difference between grasses and why that knowledge is important

Farmer dating is not exactly the easiest thing to do in the world, ultimately you would realize that it is worth every lunch you miss, every stained shirt, all the lost hours of sleep and even taking the backseat when it comes to their priorities.

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